Friday, 24 February 2012

A R Penck - does the A stand for Awesome?

No attempt at analysis here, just that my Dad told me to Google German painter A. R. Penck and I was very impressed by what I found. Get Googling yourselves!


  1. Hi Katie...I stumbled upon your blog after correcting my student's paper on A.R. Penck. I had never seen his work before and decided to do some more research. Like you, I really appreciate his style. If you are interested, check out my art blog.

    Always interested in discussing artistic research and opinions.

    A bientôt, Trevor Barrett

  2. Cher Trevor,

    I'm very glad you stumbled upon my blog (although had I known it would come so high on Google searches I would have tried to write something intelligent!) as it led me to your work. I really like your use of colour and primitivist motifs. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

    Amitiés, Katie