Friday, 11 January 2013

Voodoo Love Orchestra @ Southbank Centre

Mexico meets New Orleans with a hint of Africa in Voodoo Love Orchestra who performed at the Southbank Centre for free on 29 Dec as part of their festive celebrations. 

While orchestra invokes an image of stuffy seated musicians in suits, the VLO are the exact opposite. They shuffle onto the stage looking unimposing and a little scruffy, although their skeleton make-up is striking. The following performance is completely unpretentious and they don't even seem to care if anyone is watching - to them, all that matters is the love of performing their music. As that music is infectious, it doesn't take long before toe-tapping and nodding turns into a full on fiesta, and by the end of their set the VLO are leading members of the audience in a samba snake around the floor. The best bit was how the many young children in the audience were enjoying it as much as the adults and dancing away at the front of the stage.

The Voodoo Love Orchestra are playing next at Rich Mix on 25 January. Follow them on Facebook for more details of upcoming gigs.

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